Meet the Operations Pro

Hi, I’m Darcy and I’m an nonprofit operations nerd.

This company has its origins in a home and office organization business I began when my first child was born. Working full time and having an infant was challenging on many fronts but I knew it was time to get my act together when I found myself standing exhausted in front of my closet unable to gather the brain power to figure out which shirt went with which pants. That was the day my first company was born and I spent the next several years helping people get organized in their homes and offices and with their tasks. While this was fulfilling work, as my children got older it was more difficult to find clients who were willing to work at 5 a.m. when I wanted to get things done so I pivoted to providing virtual administrative services.

Service to others is one of my core values so it completely made sense that I’d take my organization skills and help those who help others. I believe in nonprofit work and that’s why my team and I work to help nonprofit board members, staff, and volunteers figure out how to be more efficient so they can spend less time doing the busy work of running the organization and more time helping others.

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