What's your Vision?

Let's make it a reality.


You have a vision for your non-profit. Now let’s make it a reality.

Your non-profit exists because someone – maybe you – had a vision of how to be of service to others. Someone saw a need, a purpose, and took the plunge to make it happen. That is amazing. It takes courage, hard work, and perseverance to step up, commit to an idea, and see it through.

Visis is the Latin word for vision and at Visis Strategy we commit to your vision. We listen to your goals, your process, and your dream and we help make it happen. Whether you are struggling to find an efficient process for managing your members, recording and recognizing donations, communicating with your supporters, or any other the other hundreds operations tasks that are involved in the daily running of a non-profit, we can help.

Learn more about our Consulting and Administrative offerings and contact us today to share your vision.

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